About Us

Keith here and this website is all about getting some of our football adrenaline onto paper. Since the 2015 season is here we decided to launch a website allowing us to post our daily banter and discussion regarding winners and top fantasy plays for the week. Unfortunately, live football only drives us through 1/3 of the year with game action. Our intentions here is to soak up as much as possible all the way to the Super Bowl. We also intend on taking this discussion site all the way up to the NFL draft and beyond in order to kill time in the offseason. Your questions and comments are always welcomed so feel free to hit us up here. At this point, we have a page for daily winners. We intend on giving insight into games we feel will put you in the best position to narrow down some winners for NCAA and NFL teams. Not saying were the best in the game but were pretty damn good so enjoy our daily picks. We’ll also be tackling daily fantasy football. My buddies and I have slowly started to transition away from season long leagues as we feel daily is way more profitable in the long run. Check out our fantasy page to see who will blow up on Thursday, Sunday and Monday NFL games. Hope I summed up this brilliant website for you.