College Bowl Recap

Oklahoma State (10-3) vs Ole Miss (10-3)

The Sugar Bowl for Big 12 Oklahoma State (16) vs SEC Ole Miss (12) was a test of who could take the advantage with trick plays. Well, Ole Miss really perfective it in two plays to stun Oklahoma State just in the second quarter alone. Kelly (QB) throws a backwards pass to Treadwell (WR) who then throws a bomb to the sophomore Wilkins (RB) for a big 45-yard gain to get the momentum going their way.  As time is running out in the 2nd quarter Kelly has to scramble to his right and connects with Tunsil, who is part of offensive line for a 2-yard touchdown to go into halftime 21 points ahead. Ole Miss were the only ones to score touchdowns in the 1st half to win the Allstate Sugar Bowl 48 to 20.

Stanford Cardinal (12-2) vs Iowa Buckeyes (12-2)

The Rose Bowl was a big win by Stanford (6) and the 2015 Heisman Trophy Nominate C. McCaffery scoring 45 points over the Iowa Buckeyes (5) who end with only 16 points. This was not what the black and gold fans were expecting with a start of 10-0 this season, but the Cardinals were there to win. Buckeyes haven’t been to the Rose Bowl since 1990 and it showed. Stanford’s first play on offensive is a 75-yard touchdown to McCaffery (RB) to start the 1st quarter. Stanford keep Iowa from scoring in the first halftime, but in the 4th quarter Iowa scores two touchdown before time runs out keep from being shutout. The cardinals running back McCaffery ends up with 368 all-purpose yards for a new record.

Clemson (14-1) vs Oklahoma (11-2)

The Orange Bowl (semi-final) between Clemson ranked #1 and Oklahoma #4 the game went as expected by most in first half with Oklahoma on top 17 to 16. In 2nd halftime of the game is where anything changed. Clemson had first possession of the football and they took advantage of it. Quarterback Watson stomped 75-yards down the field with his offensive and ended with a 1-yard run to Gallan (RB). The Tigers keep the Sooners scoreless in the 2nd half to win 37 to 17. Now Clemson Tigers are onto the National Championship game.

Alabama (14-1) vs Michigan State (12-2)

In the Cotton Bowl (semi-final) Crimson Tide shut out Spartans 38 to 0 with a needing win to go the National Championship. The Spartans punted 8 times to Crimson Tide and Spartans couldn’t get a break even the 3rd quarter when Alabama quarterback Coker throws to Ripley 6 yards with a ruling on the field as an incomplete pass. The officials review the paly and overturn the call for a touchdown for Alabama. One thing Spartans did keep in check was Heisman Trophy win Henry to 75-yards running during the game.



Alabama vs Clemson (National Championship)

Both Alabama and Clemson kept fans on their toes until the end. When Alabama scored Clemson can back and scored all through the first half of the game. The game got interesting in the 4th quarter when Alabama quickly decides to do an on-side kick and catches Clemson off guard and comes up with the ball at the 50-yard line. What gives the Alabama more confident is when Kenya Drake receives a kick return on the 5-yard line and go 95-yards for a touchdown. The final score Alabama 45 and Clemson 40.

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