College Bowl Recap

Oklahoma State (10-3) vs Ole Miss (10-3)

The Sugar Bowl for Big 12 Oklahoma State (16) vs SEC Ole Miss (12) was a test of who could take the advantage with trick plays. Well, Ole Miss really perfective it in two plays to stun Oklahoma State just in the second quarter alone. Kelly (QB) throws a backwards pass to Treadwell (WR) who then throws a bomb to the sophomore Wilkins (RB) for a big 45-yard gain to get the momentum going their way.  As time is running out in the 2nd quarter Kelly has to scramble to his right and connects with Tunsil, who is part of offensive line for a 2-yard touchdown to go into halftime 21 points ahead. Ole Miss were the only ones to score touchdowns in the 1st half to win the Allstate Sugar Bowl 48 to 20.

Stanford Cardinal (12-2) vs Iowa Buckeyes (12-2)

The Rose Bowl was a big win by Stanford (6) and the 2015 Heisman Trophy Nominate C. McCaffery scoring 45 points over the Iowa Buckeyes (5) who end with only 16 points. This was not what the black and gold fans were expecting with a start of 10-0 this season, but the Cardinals were there to win. Buckeyes haven’t been to the Rose Bowl since 1990 and it showed. Stanford’s first play on offensive is a 75-yard touchdown to McCaffery (RB) to start the 1st quarter. Stanford keep Iowa from scoring in the first halftime, but in the 4th quarter Iowa scores two touchdown before time runs out keep from being shutout. The cardinals running back McCaffery ends up with 368 all-purpose yards for a new record.

Clemson (14-1) vs Oklahoma (11-2)

The Orange Bowl (semi-final) between Clemson ranked #1 and Oklahoma #4 the game went as expected by most in first half with Oklahoma on top 17 to 16. In 2nd halftime of the game is where anything changed. Clemson had first possession of the football and they took advantage of it. Quarterback Watson stomped 75-yards down the field with his offensive and ended with a 1-yard run to Gallan (RB). The Tigers keep the Sooners scoreless in the 2nd half to win 37 to 17. Now Clemson Tigers are onto the National Championship game.

Alabama (14-1) vs Michigan State (12-2)

In the Cotton Bowl (semi-final) Crimson Tide shut out Spartans 38 to 0 with a needing win to go the National Championship. The Spartans punted 8 times to Crimson Tide and Spartans couldn’t get a break even the 3rd quarter when Alabama quarterback Coker throws to Ripley 6 yards with a ruling on the field as an incomplete pass. The officials review the paly and overturn the call for a touchdown for Alabama. One thing Spartans did keep in check was Heisman Trophy win Henry to 75-yards running during the game.



Alabama vs Clemson (National Championship)

Both Alabama and Clemson kept fans on their toes until the end. When Alabama scored Clemson can back and scored all through the first half of the game. The game got interesting in the 4th quarter when Alabama quickly decides to do an on-side kick and catches Clemson off guard and comes up with the ball at the 50-yard line. What gives the Alabama more confident is when Kenya Drake receives a kick return on the 5-yard line and go 95-yards for a touchdown. The final score Alabama 45 and Clemson 40.

Saturday November 14th, 2015 Weekly Winners

Well lets not beat around the bush. Our daily pickers have not been the greatest. However, we do have our local hometown celebrity guest picker today. His name is Neil who is a local Roofer. Neil is extremely confident is his picks and wanted us to post them today. He also claims he doesn’t need an explanation and that we should just ride or die with him LOL. Lets check back and see how does…

Ohio State/Illinois UNDER 55 

Georgia/Auburn UNDER 52.5 

Iowa State +14 

Washington/Arizona State UNDER 55

Minnesota +12.5

Saturday October 10th, 2015 NCAA Football Week 6 Winners

Guess whose back! Sorry guys we have been extremely business with our day to day business but have still been making picks. We have actually been killing too so let’s see if we can spread the wealth this week.

Georgia Bulldogs @ Tennessee Volunteers UNDER 55.5: Sorry to say but we have zero confidence in any one of these teams moving the ball much on Saturday. After lackluster performances last week we feel both teams will be down in the dumps. Come game time they will be ready to play due to the atmosphere but the lack of talent at the QB positions will keep this score around a 20-17 finish favoring the Volunteers. Credit the Vols to pull won out here.

Georgia Tech Yellowjackets +7.5 @ Clemson Tigers: Taking the points on this one. Expect this game to be low scoring and knock down drag out punchers dual. This type of power football will work in the Yellow Jackets favor after the Tigers of Clemson had an extremely emotional win vs Notre Dame. Huge letdown game for the Tigers and look to see Georgia Tech regain their stellar run attack.

North Carolina State Wolfpack -1 @ Virginia Tech Hokies: We give the edge to the NC State in this one based off the momentum the Wolfpack has carried throughout the season. Off to a start and lead by QB Brissett the Wolfpack should win this won convincingly due to uninspiring defense the Hokies. The lack of experience and creativity at QB is also killing the Hokies season. We would like to credit with bring this pick of the weekend to our attention.

Texas State Bobcats +3.5 @ University of Louisiana Lafayette Rajun Cajuns : This game is not necessarily one of my favorites but our boy is a Texas State Alum and follows the Sun Belt like no other. Both teams are balanced but lack the defense so expect a chess match of diverse offensive styles to go back and forth all day long. Take the Bobcats.

So Miss Golden Eagles +6.5 @ Marshall Thundering Herd: Another homer pick here. We have a Golden Eagle Alum who believes the high throttle passing attack lead by QB Mullens will prove to be too much for this much improved Thundering Herd defense. Expect a lot of points in this game but we side with So. Miss and the points.

Contact us here if you have any comments or questions regarding our picks. Good Luck!

Recap of my NCAA Football Picks for 9-12-15

Well I was able to finish with a winning record fortunately. Here’s a recap of my weekend winners and what actually went down.

My Pick: Minnesota Gophers 24 @ Colorado St 10

  • Final Score: Minnesota Gophers 23 – Colorado St 20 = WINNER
  • Recap: Pretty close on what I thought the score would be. Gophers were able to lead an extremely balanced attack and control the game. Colorado State lead a furious comback in the second half though to tie the game where the would eventually lose in overtime.


My Pick: Rice University Owls 12 @ University of Texas Longhorns 34

  • Final Score: Rice University Owls 28 @ University of Texas Longhorns 42= WINNER
  • Recap: The Longhorns started off at a fast scoring pace in the 1st and 2nd halves as the they compiled all 42 of their points in the first and third quarters. All thanks to a playmaking defense and true freshman Jerrod Heard. Looks like Charlie Strong has seen enough of Tyrone Swoops.


My Pick: Louisiana State University Tigers 38 @ Mississippi St. Bulldogs 10

  • Final Score: Louisiana State University Tigers 21 @ Mississippi St. Bulldogs 19= Winner
  • Recap: In typical Les Miles fashion the Tigers allowed an inferior opponent to stick around in the second half. The Tigers were much better in every facet of the game except displine. The Tigers had approximatly 200 yards of total offense called back on stupid penalites. I believe if they the penalites never occurred my prediction would have been dead on. Still a winner though!


My Pick: Wake Forest Demon Deacons 17 @ Syracuse Orangemen 6

  • Final Score: Wake Forest Demon Deacons 17 @ Syracuse Orangemen 30= Loser
  • Recap: Well I’m not a 100% loser on this one right? I predicted 17 points out the Demon Deacons. In my opinion the Demon Deacons were the better team yesterday who lost the turnover battle. The Demon Deacons coughed the ball up 3 times giving the Orangemen free points and great field position. The Orangmen were out gained by 50 yards but made the most of the opportunities.


My Pick: Kansas State Wildcats 30 @ University of Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners 31

  • Final Score: Kansas State Wildcats 30 @ University of Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners 3= Loser
  • Recap: Not one of my better moments. I need to go out on a limb to pick the Roadrunners and in doing so made myself look pretty silly. K State acutally started off pretty sluggish like I thought they would as UTSA’s spread offense was clicking right from the get go. The Wildcat defense made stopping the spread look easy after the first quarter. After that, the true freshman Wildcat QB Joe Huebner (hasnt started a football game since his high school JV season) showed some potential as you he made the plays on the run and through the air. Heubner lead an impressive balanced attack showing promise for the K State football program.

To check out yesterdays box scores click here.

Overall, I thought yesterday was a great day for college football as there plenty of wild finishes. Can’t wait for next weekend. As for today my buddies and I went all out by taking a kingwood party bus to the Houston Texans game. The day started off great as we were rolling around in style partying at 10:30am for the big game. Then have our dreams smashed by the mighty Kansas City Chiefs. Anyways, to sum it up I’ve had better Sundays. This week I will do a recap of today’s opening weekend and preview the next. If you have any questions feel free to provide any feedback or questions by clicking here.

Saturday September 12th, 2015 NCAA Football Week 2 Winners

My first full weekend of watching football is finally here. Fortunately, I get to spend it with family and friends. I’m king of in a hurry so I want to keep this short and sweet. I have outlined my top 5 favorite winners of the day. Check them out below and hit me back with any feedback if you can. Thanks and enjoy this amazing weekend!

Minnesota Gophers 24 @ Colorado St 10: Expect this game to be a slow paced, run oriented slug fest. The Gophers will eventually pull away with the win as they wear down the Rams in the second half.

Rice University Owls 12 @ University of Texas Longhorns 34: The Longhorns were flat out embarrassed last weekend, yet again. So lets only hope it’s not as bad is seems and they answer back with an expected lashing of the Owls. The defense should hold tight all game while the offense eventually finds it grooves. Also count on a longhorn defensive or special team score to help pad the score.

Louisiana State University Tigers 38 @ Mississippi St. Bulldogs 10: Expect the Tigers to be unleashed this weekend as a lightning delay derailed their opener from even happening. The Tigers have been chomping at the bit to unleash this new look offense to go along with their best in the SEC defense. Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, they sustained to many losses due to graduation and early NFL departures to keep up the SEC this year. Tigers in a rout.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons 17 @ Syracuse Orangemen 6: The Orangemen lost their starting QB to an injury so we can see Wake Forest taking advantage of their unfortunate situation.

Kansas State Wildcats 30 @ Univeristy of Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners 31: The upset special of the weekend is here. Yes the Roadrunners are here to knock off the Wildcats. We figured this game would be close because the Wildcats are just not as sound of a team as they have been in prior years. We give the edge to the home team. Do not underestimate the home edge for the Roadrunners. This is Texas and San Antonio has been craving a football team for years. Larry Coker has lifted a new program and given it’s actual fans something to root for.

If you want to keep up with today’s scores click here.

Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion!

Those words couldn’t be more true. Also, the fact being I was completely wrong in my assumption the Buckeyes would come out with a championship hangover. They first few series of the Buckeyes looked overpowering matched up against the Hokie’s. The Buckeyes were on their way to a complete blowout to take a 21-0 lead, when Ezekiel Elliot scampered for another TD to only be called back on a holding penalty. This seemed to be the momentum shifted the Hokie’s needed to allow their Texas Tech transfer QB Michael Brewer to gain some rhythum. Brewer eventually settled into a groove making plays on his feet and hitting the open WRs to move Va Tech down the field. The Hokie’s were successful enough to go into halftime with a 17-14 lead.

Even though my anticipation of the game seemed to hold true in the first half, something still didn’t seem right. I had a feeling the Buckeyes weren’t going to allow a repeat of last unfold. On cue, a combination of Cardale Jones and Braxton Miller making incredible plays allows Ohio St. to completely dominate the second half. Also, with the help of Hokie QB Michael Brewer injuring his shoulder in the first series of the second half. I don’t necessarily think the Hokie’s were going to win, but I do feel they could of answered and slowed momentum if Brewer never sustained the shoulder injury.

In the end, the Buckeyes running away with the game was not a surprise. Just figured, the suspensions and a championship hangover would slow their roll. Apparently not. Especially since Braxton Miller went HAM. Never would I have guess he would break out the way he did last night. I have a ton of respect for this kid and the way he’s handled himself. Going from Big 10 player of the year to injury sidelined to position change is just flat out impressive.

Stay tuned I have more on the way this week. Next up the NFL season opener preview. Later

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#1 Ohio St. Buckeyes @ Virginia Tech Hokies

  • When: Today 7 p.m. central
  • Where: Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, VA
  • TV Channel: ESPN
  • Series: Hokies lead 1-0
  • Last matchup: Virginia Tech 35 @ Ohio St 21
  • Today’s Line: Ohio St -14, O/U 53.5

First thought on this game. Tricky. We’ve already identified heavy movement leaning on Ohio St for obvious reasons. First reason would be defending champions. The public find it’s very difficult to lean on a team who has trouble putting points on the board. However, the public might not realize the Buckeyes our down multiple key players. The individuals suspended are junior defensive end Joey Bosa, sophomore H-back Jalin Marshall, senior receiver Corey Smith and junior H-back Dontre Wilson. These suspended players cause a huge blow in firepower for the Buckeyes. Joey Bosa is the heart and soul of the defense and make no mistake, without him on the field this defense will give up some points tonight.

The second reason the public is leaning Ohio St is pretty simple. Urban Meyer. This dude really is the best coach in college football in our opinion. However, when you lose your best defensive player and your top 2 WRs, expect to see the the Buckeyes roll slow a bit tonight. Corey Smith and Jalin Marshall are expected to be key contributors this year but with the suspension blocking them from play tonight it will definitely hit the offense hard as they had prior experience against Va Tech’s elite secondary. We predict the 2 true freshman from last year Kendall Fuller Jr. & Brandon Facyson will continue their dominate rookie campaign against a less experience Buckeye WR core.

Even though it may seem were leaning Va Tech, we are not discounting the fact the Buckeyes are and will look like the number 1 team in the nation for most of the year. Once the suspensions are lifted, we see the Buckeyes reassembling and pressing the cruise control button all the way to the college football playoffs for the second year in a row. We also see Braxton Miller getting multiple touches tonight but are not predicting him to have to much of an impact as he takes the time to adjust to the H Back position. See Percy Harvin at Florida if you are not familiar with the H Back position. Braxton will be awesome this year just wanted to temper exceptions for tonight only.


With the suspensions looming, Buckeyes suffering from a championship hangover, stellar home field advantage and Hokies prime time ready D we are predicting Va Tech to keep it close. Va tech will play alot of bend with no break until a late score catapults Ohio St in the lead. Close is fine but no freaking way they are beating the Buckeyes tonight with Barrett/Jones and Ezekiel Elliot leading the Buckeyes offense to just enough points in a solid road win over the Hokies 24-20.

Buckeyes 24 – Hokies 20